Bot QuickstartΒΆ

This quickstart showcases an example of how to use shinkei in a discord bot made with

import uuid

import shinkei
from discord.ext import commands

class MyBot(commands.Bot):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        self.ipc = None

        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

    async def login(self, token, *, bot=True):
        """Connect to singyeong before the bot starts.

        If anything raises here it will stop the bot from starting so be careful."""
        self.ipc = await shinkei.connect("singyeong://localhost:4567", application_id="my-cool-bot",
                                         client_id=uuid.uuid4().hex, tags=["receiver"],
                                         klass=shinkei.ext.BotClient, bot=self)

        await self.ipc.update_metadata({"shard_id": {"type": "integer", "value": self.shard_id}})

        return await super().login(token, bot=bot)

    async def on_shinkei_data(self, data):
        """Receiving data is handled by bot.dispatch() and so this is possible."""
        print("I received this data {0.payload} from {0.sender}".format(data))

    async def send_to_shard(self, data, shard_id):
        """Send data to another shard in a different process.

        For example, you could notify other shards of DMs if this process is running on shard 0."""
        target = shinkei.QueryBuilder(application="my-cool-bot", key="uniquekey").eq("shard_id", shard_id)

        await self.ipc.send(data, target=target)

bot = MyBot(command_prefix="!", shard_id=0, shard_count=2)"token")

This same example could be ran in another process with a different shard id to allow ipc between shards.